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Lori Tucker, DO

Lori Tucker,DO

OBGYN Located in Cincinnati, OH

Lori Tucker, DO, is an obstetrician and gynecologist and the head of her eponymous private practice in Ohio & West Virginia. The practice offers inclusive telemedicine services and home care to save patients the inconveniences that often come with booking in-office appointments. Grounded in her rural background and with compassion for her patients, Dr. Tucker strives to bring evidence-based and cost-effective care to her community. 

Dr. Tucker grew up in West Virginia and became an electrical engineer before pursuing a degree in medicine. She spent most of her medical career practicing in her home state. She aims to increase access to health care for patients who struggle due to a rural location, a lack of transportation, or anxiety around sexual dysfunction and other health care topics. She builds trust with her patients so they no longer feel shame or discomfort about seeking the help they need. 

At her private practice, Dr. Tucker specializes in telehealth and in-home testing, including HIV prevention (PrEP), sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, and cervical cancer screenings. She also provides a suite of OBGYN services, including contraception management, hormone replacement therapy, transgender hormone therapy, and infertility treatment. 

Dr. Tucker is a wife, nana, and mom.  She currently lives in Ohio with her husband, three cats, and two dogs, and she enjoys cooking and gardening. She also loves Disney, Jimmy Buffett, and the Dave Matthews Band.